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Together we're creating our collective vision for Equitable Education.

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This presentation was amazing and so comprehensive in a short period of time!

April (Disability Rights Nebraska)

So informative and applicable to our work!

Lydia (GOALS)

Recognizing that the voices of the community are the backbone of change, ERC is here to accept referrals, provide training, engage in webinars, give consults, and make our curated Library available to the many organizations who serve children in Nebraska and need more information and a sounding board to navigate the complexities of special education and juvenile justice.

We assist teachers, universities, school districts, non-profits and others in finding their voice and increasing their understanding of student & school rights and responsibilities. ERC collaborates with entities in areas where our interests overlap, such as the civil rights of students and access to education based on race, gender, and national origin, where student disability and discipline are also part of the situation.

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ERC contracts with CRCC, a local entity that serves wrap-around services to children with disabilities. We create tailored group and individual trainings for their clients. We know by unifying our collective missions, educational equity can be achieved.

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ERC is proud to partner with Disability Rights Nebraska to provide expertise in the area of IDEA, assisting their clients who also have ADA and Section 504 claims.

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ERC is contracted by Millard Public School Foundation to facilitate a steering committee of professionals seeking to ensure that every child in Nebraska is screened for early signs of autism. Facilitating the conversation between educators and the medical community is opening doors to a stronger collective understanding of where we are as a state and where we need to be.

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Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASAs, are volunteers that are appointed by judges to be the voice of children who are victims of abuse, neglect or conflict. CASAs stand up for children and provide critical recommendations and solutions to the Court. ERC provides ongoing tailored training to CASAs to ensure their voice can be heard and they have the necessary skills to advocate for their clients with special education needs.