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Advocates for Educational Equity

Education Rights Counsel removes legal barriers so all children stay in school and thrive.

We work for: Families Communities Attorneys


We Secure the Rights of Children and Families

ERC believes in all children, and champions every child’s right to stay in school, make appropriate progress and meet challenging objectives.

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Together We're Creating Our Collective Vision for Equitable Education

ERC is privileged to work with numerous non-profits, schools, the juvenile courts, and educators, providing general consults, tailored training and collaboration on projects.

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We Help You Build Your Practice and Strength Your Skills

ERC offers free and tailored CLE, serves as a sounding board, and pays low-bono rates to trained counsel who assist us in meeting client needs.

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Special Education

Jasmine's Story

Jasmine struggled to stay focused and was angry because she was behind in school. ERC helped create an effective IEP so Jasmine could succeed, be proud of her work, and learn tools to become her best self-advocate.

Training & Contracting Services

Little Leaf Learning Center

Little Leaf offers an education program for children with Down Syndrome, serving children starting at 18 months old. They contracted with ERC to provide training and individual assistance for their families to help understand the entire verification and IEP process.

Student Discipline

Adela & Marc

Adela is a lawyer and Guardian ad Litem for Marc who was disciplined by the school district for inappropriate behavior and referred to Juvenile Court. Adela suspected there were missing education pieces, and needed help with school discipline hearing process. ERC collaborated with Adela to help Marc.

Research & Data

Devon's Story

Devon, a teacher in a Nebraska school district, approached ERC with a unique concern. His observation was that Black children, especially those with disabilities, seemed to be disciplined more often in his school and asked us for our observations about the disparity in discipline locally and across the country. Nebraska had no statewide tracking system for data and the federal system does not track all discipline. With the assistance of a grant, ERC collaborated with schools, students and policymakers to ensure that Nebraska’s data collection includes discipline data across the state.

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