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Consults & Individual Representation


We provide consultations with a lawyer to all callers, regardless of family income, where we talk through education rights and issues without undertaking representation. Consultations can be with family members, students, attorneys, probation, guardians ad litem, CASA, judges and anyone else who has general questions about preK-12 education rights and obligations.

Individual Representation

We will undertake direct representation of preK-12 families, statewide, where the family annual income is 250% or less than the federal poverty guidelines, at the discretion of Education Rights Counsel based on the legal issues presented.

We accept all appointments from the Douglas County Juvenile Court as limited representation education counsel.

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Training & Contracted Services


We provide a limited set of free webinars & training, generally 1-2 hours, to explain student education rights under state and federal law, or focus on single-issue matters.

We also offer Continuing Legal Education at no cost, on an invitation-only basis.

We collaborate with the Volunteer Lawyers Project.

Contracted Services

We provide tailored training on a contract basis to address the specific needs of individuals and/or organizations working directly with students and juveniles.

We also offer fee-based Continuing Legal Education.

We train and pay contracted counsel a low-bono rate to assist us in the direct representation of students.

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Research & Data

We gather data, analyze it, and inform policymakers across the state about issues of note in education.

We collaborate with universities, non-profits, and community partners to review and recommend changes to ensure children have the ability to access educational services and support.

We act as a sounding board for multiple groups and entities, providing data-supported information and support to help them advance education interests.