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Our Work—Training & Contracting Services

Training & Contracting Services

Consults with Families, Organizations and Attorneys

Whether you are a parent, an advocate, an attorney or a concerned community member, ERC will provide a 30 minute free consult to generally discuss information. This is not legal advice, it simply provides direction, background and possible steps to take for anyone with a special education or student discipline concern.

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Webinars and Continuing Legal Education

ERC regularly offers a menu of training opportunities for families, staff, and attorneys. Certain continuing legal education is offered free of charge. ERC also creates very specific customized training for families, the courts, legal counsel and others, helping create a deep understanding of student rights and responsibilities as we build an alliance of education advocates for children.

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Stakeholder Collaboration

There are many education issues that relate to or are collateral with the direct representation ERC provides. ERC works with other legal entities to broaden and deepen equitable outcomes through joint representation and expert services.

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